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About Us

Holland Harbour is an independent film & tv production company established in 2000 by Nadadja Kemper & Rob Vermeulen. The company produces drama series, feature films, documentaries, and animated entertainment. Holland Harbour focusses on productions that are targeted on international audiences. Both producers aim to create original stories that are entertaining, that challenge, provoke and inspire.

Nadadja Kemper

writer / producer

Nadadja started off as a producer and decided to pick up writing after she had produced many series and features. The first screenplay for a feature film that she wrote was The Legend of Longwood. Her second project as a writer is an animated family feature called Oliver’s Travels. Meanwhile, she continues to work as a creative producer on various Holland Harbour projects.

Rob Vermeulen


Rob started his career in the film & television industry as a documentary director before he decided to fulltime commit himself towards producing. He’s mostly focussed on the business side of production. In his role as a producer, he has proactively been growing a strong international sales, financing and distribution network.

Company Profile

Holland Harbour’s projects have been screened by television networks all over the world and have been showcased and awarded at festivals like Hot Docs, IDFA, Moscow Film Festival, IFFR, Karlovy Vari, TIFF and many others. The company started off as a production house for mainly children’s series and documentaries commissioned by broadcasters in The Netherlands. Once they got the opportunity to develop and produce a successful drama series, Rob and Nadadja started to develop mainstream drama for international audiences. Their latest live-action family feature The Legend of Longwood was sold to over 70 countries. Currently, they are raising funds for an animated family project called Oliver’s Travels, are casting for a SciFi feature film developed by Richard Raaphorst and Eron Sheean, while production started up for a documentary feature by In-Soo Radstake.

Previous Work

In the previous years, we have been producing numerous hours of drama, children’s series, documentaries and feature films. In case you might be interested in one or more titles of the following selection please reach out via the contact sheet at the end of this page, we’re more than happy to forward you to the relevant sales agents.

New Projects

Most of our recent development time has been dedicated to an ambitious 3D-CGI animated film called Oliver’s Travels. Many international artists have been helping us develop the concept art for this movie. Besides Oliver, we’ve been working on a historical documentary with director In-Soo Radstake, a SciFi feature film developed by Richard Raaphorst & Eron Sheean, a children’s drama by Johan Ingler and an animation series by Ferry van Schijndel.

Oliver - Izzy in Space

Oliver's Travels

It’s the year 2050, and global warming has melted most ice fields in the North Pole. The polar bear is on the brink of extinction with only a few families left living in zoos. A young star-agent called Fifty is assigned by the grand star Polaris, to fall to Earth, and accompany an ignorant, young polar bear called Oliver towards his destiny: to become the savior of his endangered species and find his true home. The film is first of all a comedy and a classic ‘coming of age’ story that explores the typical challenges faced at the end of a care-free childhood. 

Frankie & Chair

When Danny, an introverted boy, moves to a new town after a family tragedy, his relationship with his best friend, an (animated) armchair, is threatened by the intrusion of Frankie, a girl from his class. Life turns upside-down on a journey toward new friendship, mirrored in a comic written by the boy and the talking chair. Screenwriter Johan Ingler developed this heartwarming story about two kids coping with the loss of a parent. This live-action drama is mixed with an adventurous cartoony world that Danny creates at times when he needs to escape from reality.

Space Crusaders

Guided by a valuable book of clues and maps, Galaxy, the daughter of a missing space adventurer journeys through the cosmos in search of her father. She is accompanied by a treasure-seeking pirate captain squirrel and a rootless wooden robot cupboard, while a power-hungry evil space lord pursuits close on their trail. Space Crusaders is a space adventure series for kids. In every episode, Galaxy visits a new planet where she encounters strange creatures and absurd inhabitants.

Pirate Ship

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