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Holland Harbour is an independent production company established by Nadadja Kemper & Rob Vermeulen. Both producers develop and produce drama series, feature films, documentaries, and animated entertainment. The company focuses on productions that are targeted at international audiences.

Nadadja Kemper

writer / producer

Nadadja started as a producer and decided to pick up writing after producing various series and features. The first screenplay for a feature film she wrote was The Legend of Longwood. Her second project as a writer is an animated family feature called Oliver’s Travels. Together with Gwen Eckhaus, she is currently writing a comedy series. She continues working as a creative producer on various Holland Harbour projects.

Rob Vermeulen


Rob started his career in the film & television industry as a  director before he decided to fulltime commit himself to produce. He’s primarily focused on the business side of production. He has proactively been growing a strong international sales, financing, and distribution network as a producer. Currently, he is busy raising funding for a feature film and a drama series.

Company Profile

Holland Harbour’s projects have been screened by television networks worldwide. They have been showcased and awarded at festivals like Hot Docs, IDFA, Moscow Film Festival, IFFR, Karlovy Vari, TIFF, and many others. The company started as a production house for mainly children’s series and documentaries commissioned by broadcasters in The Netherlands. Once they got the opportunity to develop and produce a successful drama series, Rob and Nadadja started to create productions targeted at international audiences. Their latest live-action family feature, The Legend of Longwood, was sold to over 70 countries. Their current production slate exists of an animated family project called Oliver’s Travels, a SciFi feature film developed by Richard Raaphorst and Eron Sheean, and a documentary feature by In-Soo Radstake. Various other projects are in the final stages of development.

New Projects

Over the last few years, many international artists have been developing concept art for an ambitious 3D-CGI animated film, Oliver’s Travels. Besides Oliver, we’ve been working on a historical documentary called Selling a Colonial War by director In-Soo Radstake, Super Position, a SciFi feature created by Richard Raaphorst & Eron Sheean, and two projects by Johan Ingler: his children’s drama, Frankie & Chair, and a horror film called Short Stay.

Oliver - Izzy in Space

Oliver's Travels

It’s the year 2050, and global warming has melted most ice fields at the North Pole. The polar bear is on the brink of extinction, with only a few families living in zoos. An ignorant young polar bear named Oliver is destined to become the savior of his endangered species and find his true home. The film is a comedy and a classic ‘coming-of-age’ story that explores the typical challenges faced at the end of a carefree childhood.

Selling a Colonial War

In Selling a Colonial War acclaimed documentary director In-Soo Radstake reveals how the Dutch government maintained the frame of a just war against Indonesia for decades and the dubious roles played by politicians, media, and historians. This investigative documentary unfolds a layered story and places the Indonesian struggle for independence in an international perspective of colonization.

Frankie & Chair

Screenwriter Johan Ingler developed this heartwarming story about two kids coping with the loss of a parent. When introverted Danny moves to a new town after a family tragedy, his relationship with his best friend (an animated armchair) is challenged by the introduction of Frankie, a girl in his class. This live-action drama is mixed with an adventurous cartoony world that Danny creates at times when he needs to escape from reality.

Super Position

After the accidental death of her partner during a groundbreaking physics experiment, Bianca’s desire to bring Alec back literally tears open the fabric of reality. The only way to avoid an all-destroying catastrophe, Bianca must sacrifice her own life. Director Richard Raaphorst (Frankenstein’s Army) developed the screenplay with Eron Sheean. Karim Hussain (Fire Starter) will be the film’s DOP. Brandon Cronenberg (Possessor) is our production partner in North America. Oscar-nominated producer Bart van Langendonck (Bull Head) is our European coproducer.

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